Preliminary Release

Knowledge Graph Datasets

A Knowledge Graph and Taxonomy of Vaccine-Related Misinformation

A taxonomy of high-level concerns about vaccination, credibility profiles of information sources, corpra of vaccine misinformation and of intervention materials, and how they relate to other and to the high-level concerns.

A Knowledge Graph of Cybersecurity Vulnerabilities

A knowledge graph of 2,071 vulnerabilities from industrial control system devices. This will help drive applications like the vulnerability prioritization tool.

A Knowledge Graph and Taxonomy of COVID-19 Related Misinformation

A knowledge graph of misinformation on the Internet surrounding the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic which will help debunk widespread myths and answer frequently asked questions about COVID-19. It contains the information about myths, facts, and frequently-asked questions and answers, as well as their taxonomy, about COVID-19 from multiple websites.

Decision-Making Tools for Professionals

An App for Personalized Interventions Against Vaccine Misinformation (mock-up interface)

An app to help doctors and nurses work with hesitant parents, by suggesting counter points and information resources that are credible to them and speak to their specific concerns.

Vulnerability Prioritization Tool

A tool to assist in prioritizing vulnerabilities based on the severity of their impact on the affected system(s).

Tools for the Public

Browser Plugin for Mitigating Health Misinformation

COKN Health Info Check is a Google Chrome Web Browser Extension that helps mitigate health-related misinformation by bringing relevant fact checks to Chrome users.

COVID-19 Information Dashboard

An information dashboard surrounding the ongoing COVID19 pandemic. It shows figures from different sources to provide a holistic view of the pandemic as it develops. It also includes a chatbot to assist with commonly asked questions, and relevant tweets and fact-checks localized for maximum impact.